PebbleCreek Golf Operating Policy - Practice Facilities

The PebbleCreek Homeowners Association provides golf practice facilities for your benefit.  When using the practice facilities please abide by the following.

  • Facility dress code applies

  • Range balls and baskets are golf course property.  Balls and baskets are not to be taken from the range or practice areas.

  • In an effort to repair and restore the range tee, please fill your divots and practice area with sand/seed mix.

  • No practice is allowed on non-maintained areas.

  • Designated greens are available for pitching, chipping, and bunker practice.  Do not pitch across any cart paths.

  • Pitching and chipping are not permitted on the putting greens.  Please repair all ball marks made during your practice.

  • The yellow distance signs on the range are measured from the middle of the range tee.  The flags on the range are measured from the stone distance markers located on each tee.

  • It is not permissible to retrieve balls from the range.

  • Please practice safety while on the range, be aware of those around you and any maintenance personnel on the range.  Maintain a safe distance from others swinging golf clubs, do not walk in front of the hitting line, and hit away from any range personnel picking golf balls. 

  • The practice facilities are provided for shared use among all golfers. No first-come/first-served rights or monopolizing of the area. Please make space for fellow golfers to participate.

  • At Tuscany Falls, the North practice tee and putting greens surrounding the range at Tuscany Falls may be used for practice.  Please stay within the signs when practicing in these areas.