WELCOME TO PebbleCreek Golf Resort HOA

Golf Rules and Policies

Local rules, followed specifically on PebbleCreek’s golf courses, cover water hazards, out-of-bound landings, ball-drop zones, and obstructions, among other situations. Golfers are encouraged to carry cell phones for use during emergencies. 

PebbleCreek Homeowners Association’s golf rules and policies govern all aspects of using its golf facilities and are posted in their entirety. Two of the most-often-used sections cover:

Golf carts - A limited number of golf carts are available at each pro shop. Privately owned golf carts are permitted on the golf courses, provided the carts meet HOA-approved golf-cart specifications for dimensions, power, and other data. Some fees may apply. Carts must be registered with PebbleCreek’s HOA. See Resident and Guest Services staff at the front desk of either clubhouse to begin the process of registering your golf cart. 

Chelsea Tee Time Reservation Requests - The Chelsea Tee Time Reservation System is used at PebbleCreek to allocate tee times in an equitable manner based on points earned for previous use of the system and on inputs provided by golf course management. The Chelsea Requests policy ensures that only legitimate requests are made.

Dress code - Applies to all persons using the golf courses and practice facilities.

Five-some Play - Allows groups of five golfers to play together under specified circumstances

Frost delay - Specifies how tee times are altered when there is a frost delay

Pace of Play - Outlines expectations for time spend on the course 

Practice facilities - The practice facilities at both courses include driving ranges, putting greens, and greens for pitching, chipping and bunker practice.  The policy covering practice facilities includes safety and courtesy requirements, and delineates signage and handling of range balls and baskets.

Pace of Play

Pace-of-play guidelines ensure that golfers keep their play moving along within a reasonable timeframe for the enjoyment of all. PebbleCreek’s Golf Course Rangers perform a wide variety of tasks and could be described as a little bit diplomat, ambassador, cop, maintenance worker and mechanic – but they are definitely all about customer service and teamwork.  The “eyes and ears” of the golf course, rangers strive to ensure a reasonable pace of play, and also ensure that players enjoy their golfing experience. Rangers on the course monitor groups’ progress, enforce course rules, and assist golfers, when needed. 



Guests - Guest cards are available from Resident and Guest Services staff at the front desks of either clubhouse. Each guest must present his/her guest card, when checking in, to the starter. Guests are not permitted to make starting times through the automated tee-time system.

Use of courses and cart paths

Golf courses and cart paths are restricted to golf play only. Only authorized golf-course staff – and persons who have checked in at the pro shops, or who have been approved to play golf -- are allowed on the golf-course cart paths. Roadways are to be used for traveling to and from clubhouse areas.

Disabled access

Disabled residents of PebbleCreek must acquire, for their golf carts, handicap parking stickers, available through Resident and Guest Services staff at the front desk of the Eagle's Nest clubhouse. Qualification is required.  Further details can be found in the Cart Policy.

Kids rules

Several rules restrict children’s access to the golf courses. For example:  

  • Golfers younger than 16 must obtain official permission before checking in with the starters

  • Drivers of golf carts and Segways must carry a valid driver’s license with them

  • Passengers riding in golf carts must be sitting on bench seats

  • Skateboards are prohibited on courses and common areas.