WELCOME TO PebbleCreek Golf Resort HOA

PebbleCreek Home Owners Association Rules - Section 17

Section 17:    Golf Course Rules 

17.1    Authorized Users:

(a) Residents, Resident Visitors, and Robson Preferred Guests may use the golf facilities if they have a valid identification card authorizing facility use and present this card at the Pro Shop when checking in to play golf.  

(b) The Director of Golf may authorize use of the golf courses and practice facilities by local high school golf teams and members of the general public and may permit the golf courses to be reserved for use by outside groups.

(c) Golfers must be at least 16 years of age to play on the golf courses.  Golfers under 16 years of age must have permission from the Golf Professionals or staff before checking in to play golf. 

17.2    General:

(a) It is the responsibility of Homeowners to inform their Resident Visitors and Tenants of golf course Rules. 
(b) Persons owning, occupying or using any Lot or other area adjoining the golf courses and practice facilities are deemed to have assumed the risks of personal injury and property damage resulting from golf balls hit onto such Lot or other area by persons playing golf on the golf courses and practice facilities.  

(c) Golf balls are out of bounds and lost if they fall onto private property during play.  Golfers may not enter private property to retrieve golf balls. 

(d) Unless otherwise approved by the Board or its designee, the golf courses and the golf course cart paths are restricted for golf play only. Only authorized golf course personnel and persons who have checked in at the Pro Shops, or have been approved to play golf, are allowed on thegolf course cart paths. Roadways are to be used when traveling to and from Clubhouse areas.  

17.3    Tee Times and Check-in:

(a) Tee times are scheduled according to procedures established by the Director of Golf. All golfers must check at the pro shops to determine the procedure for scheduling tee times.

(b) The tee time may be lost if the players do not check in at least 30 minutes prior to tee time. When checking in, PebbleCreek identification card(s) must be presented at the Pro Shop. 

17.4    Golf Carts and Segway Human Transporters:

(a) Privately owned golf carts and Segway’s are permitted on the golf courses if the registration, sticker display and operating requirements of Section 7, including possession of a valid driver’s license, have been satisfied. No trail fee is required. 

(b) Carts and Segway’s are not permitted to enter private property from the golf courses or exit private property onto the golf courses.

(c) Private golf carts intended for use on PebbleCreek golf courses must meet specifications as established by the Director of Golf, including but not limited to weight, dimensions, tire size and tread, noise, and performance.  These specifications are approved by the PCHOA Board and are available at the Eagles Nest and Tuscany Falls Pro Shops.

(d) Golf carts must be operated in a reasonable and prudent manner and in compliance with all posted regulations on the courses, cart paths and PebbleCreek streets, including speed limits.  

(e)  An individual who operates a golf cart in violation of this section may be immediatelyremoved from the golf course.  Any subsequent use must be approved by HOA golf staff.  This section may be enforced by HOA golf staff (pro shop employees and marshals) and the PebbleCreek Community Services Patrol.

(f) Non-golfing passengers must be over 10 years of age and registered in the Pro Shops priorto start of play.    

(g) No carts or Segway’s are permitted within 30 feet of the green. Driving on the approaches to the par 3’s or around the green on the opposite side of the cart paths is not permitted. 

(h) Disability stickers are available at the Eagles Nest front desk to Residents who have a disabled license plate or placard from any State’s Department of Motor Vehicles in his or herpossession and who need to drive on the golf courses.  Temporary Disability flags are available at the Pro Shops to persons who have a letter from their doctor stating that (i) the person has a temporary disability, (ii) who have a sticker for their own cart but are riding with another player, or (iii) Non-residents who have a disabled license plate or placard from any State’s Department of Motor Vehicles in his or her possession and who need to drive on the golf courses. In accordance with the American Disabilities Act, golf carts and Segway’s with a disabled sticker or flag, must stay 25 feet from the tees and greens. 

17.5    Practice Ranges, Practice Greens and Pitching Greens:

(a) Practice is allowed only on the practice facilities. 

(b) Range balls and baskets are not to leave the practice facilities. 

(c) Pitching onto the putting practice greens is not allowed.  The practice bunkers and the area around the pitching greens are available for this purpose.

(d) Tokens are sold at the pro shops.

17.6    Dress Code:  

There is a dress code for all persons using the golf courses and practice facilities. The dress code is available on the PCHOA website and at the Golf Pro Shops.

17.7    Lakes:

(a)    During play, only the golf ball hit into the lake may be retrieved.  All other balls are the property of the Association.

(b)    No fishing, wading or swimming is allowed in any of the lakes on the golf courses.