PebbleCreek Golf Operating Policy - Dress Code

The following dress code was approved by the PebbleCreek Homeowners Association Golf Committee on September 14, 2022. Its intent is to ensure that our members and guests have a pleasant atmosphere in which to enjoy our golf facilities and services. The PebbleCreek golf management team may deny services at our golf facilities to members or guests not in compliance with these standards.


  • Sports shirts or golf shirts with collars and sleeves, and mock turtleneck shirts with sleeves that are in keeping with current golf fashion (sleeveless shirts not permitted).
  • Slacks and shorts must be tailored, in good condition, and in keeping with current golf fashion.


  • Collared and collarless shirts with sleeves or without sleeves
  • Dresses, pants (regular or capri), shorts, skirts, and skorts must be tailored, in good condition, and in keeping with current golf fashion


  • Soft-spike golf shoes, golf sandals, tennis shoes, or soft-soled rubber shoes that will not damage greens or the turf must be worn on all golf course and practice areas.


  • Clothing items with offensive or derogatory emblems, logos, or slogans are not permitted.
  • All clothing shall be clean and free of rips, tears, holes, and fraying.
  • Shoes must be worn in golf shops, on practice areas, and on all areas of our golf courses.
  • Metal-spike shoes of any kind are prohibited everywhere on golf course property.
  • Work boots, high heels, dress shoes with heels, and any type of shoes with tread that could damage turf are prohibited on all golf courses and practice areas.
  • The following types of clothing are prohibited:
    • Denim jeans, shorts, and jackets
    • Cut-off shorts
    • Halter tops
    • Muscle shirts
    • Non-golf athletic wear such as sweatpants, basketball pants, and gym clothes
    • Short shorts
    • Spaghetti straps
    • Swimwear
    • T-Shirts (unless expressly designed for golf)
    • Tank tops
    • Tops that expose the midriff
    • Tube tops