Policy to Monitor Chelsea Requests and Penalize Falsified Requests

The Chelsea Tee Time Reservation System is used at PebbleCreek to allocate tee times in an equitable manner based on points earned for previous use of the system and on inputs provided by golf course management.  In addition, the Chelsea system is a tool for use by the Director of Golf to promote full utilization of the golf courses, especially during busy times.  All Chelsea users are expected to make only legitimate tee time requests for current residents of PebbleCreek and valid guests.

No resident shall enter a falsified tee time request using

  1. the name of a person who no longer meets the definition of a resident in PCHOA Rules, or

  2. the name of a person who is known to be absent from the community for the time period of the request, including seasonal residents, or  

  3. the generic designation for a guest when no guest is anticipated and no guest is expected to actually play, or

  4. the generic designation for a guest to manipulate the group points with the intent of substituting actual players’ names after tee times are assigned.

If any resident who violates any of the above stated conditions, all persons named on that linked tee time request, and/or all persons substituted for a non-existent guest under condition 4), shall be penalized 5 Chelsea points. Those 5 Chelsea points will impact all tee time requests for those individuals until the points evaporate through the normal attrition process of the Chelsea system. The first offense will result in a warning. The second offense will result in the above stated penalty. Third offense will result in a 5 point penalty for 2 weeks and fourth offense will result in a 30 day suspension from use of the Chelsea system.