Cart Policy

PebbleCreek Golf Operating Policy - Golf Carts  

  • Golf carts must remain on the paths around tees and greens.

  • Golf carts must remain on the paths on all par 3 holes.

  • Golf carts must remain on the paths on any holes marked as cart path only.

  • Golf carts are not allowed in desert areas.

  • No more than two carts are allowed per foursome unless otherwise approved by the golf shop staff.  Groups with Sole Rider carts will be exempt.

  • No more than two bags or two riders per golf cart unless otherwise approved by the golf shop staff.

  • Golf cart operators must have a valid drivers license.

  • When driving to and from the golf course, use the roads.  Only approved golfers and carts are allowed on the golf course.

Handicap Access to PebbleCreek Golf Courses

  • Residents of PebbleCreek must acquire a Handicap Parking Sticker for golf carts available at the front desk of the main clubhouse at Eagle's Nest. Proof of qualification is required.

  • The handicap sticker must be placed on the cart and be easily identifiable by course personnel.

  • Only the person identified who medically qualifies for the sticker may have handicap access.

  • A person possessing the sticker has access to all fairways and roughs (under normal conditions) including par 3’s and holes deemed cart path only.

  • Desert areas will remain restricted.

  • Carts must stay at least 25 feet away from tees and greens and must remain on the cart path side of all greens.

  • The golf course superintendent reserves the right to close fairways and roughs to all access under adverse weather conditions and specific agronomic conditions (over seed, flooding, etc.) in which golf cart usage would damage the golf course.

  • Non-resident access will be granted on a case-by-case basis. Proof of qualification must be shown. Flags will be given for daily use and must be returned to the golf shop after the round.

PCHOA Golf Cart Specifications Policy
Effective June 22, 2010, private golf carts intended for use on PebbleCreek golf courses must meet certain specifications, as determined by the PCHOA, including, but not limited to:

  1. The golf cart may weigh up to 650 lbs. for a two-passenger cart or 800 lbs. for a four-passenger cart.

  2. The golf cart may have tires that are up to 18” in height.

  3. The golf cart may extend up to 72” in height.

  4. The golf cart may extend up to 50” of width.

  5. The golf cart may extend up to 100” in length for a two-passenger cart or 130" in length for a four-passenger cart.

  6. The golf cart may have a turning radius of up to 10 feet for a two-passenger or 14 feet for a four-passenger cart.

  7. The golf cart must have a tire tread greater than 8” and less than 12” in width. The tread of the tire must be designed for use of turf-like conditions. No knobby or specialty off-road-type tires.

  8. The golf cart must be in good working order and free from defects that may cause injury or damage. PebbleCreek Golf staff may inspect the cart, if they suspect non-compliance.

  9. A maximum of two persons and two golf bags are allowed per cart on the golf course. Gas-powered golf carts must be muffled to the extent necessary to limit engine noise to 80 decibels or less at a distance of 15 feet. 

Owners of carts that are regularly used on the PebbleCreek golf courses, but do not meet the above specifications, may request an exemption, which will be taken under consideration by the PCHOA Board of Directors and an exemption may be granted, when warranted.

Updated:  January 27, 2021