Cart Policy

PebbleCreek Golf Operating Policy - Golf Carts  

  • Golf carts must remain on the paths around tees and greens.

  • Golf carts must remain on the paths on all par 3 holes.

  • Golf carts must remain on the paths on any holes marked as cart path only.

  • Golf carts are not allowed in desert areas.

  • No more than two carts are allowed per foursome unless otherwise approved by the golf shop staff.  Groups with Sole Rider carts will be exempt.

  • No more than two bags or two riders per golf cart unless otherwise approved by the golf shop staff.

  • Golf cart operators must have a valid drivers license.

  • When driving to and from the golf course, use the roads.  Only approved golfers and carts are allowed on the golf course.

Handicap Access to PebbleCreek Golf Courses

  • Residents of PebbleCreek must acquire a Handicap Parking Sticker for golf carts available at the front desk of the main clubhouse at Eagle's Nest. Proof of qualification is required.

  • The handicap sticker must be placed on the cart and be easily identifiable by course personnel.

  • Only the person identified who medically qualifies for the sticker may have handicap access.

  • A person possessing the sticker has access to all fairways and roughs (under normal conditions) including par 3’s and holes deemed cart path only.

  • Desert handicap access will be allowed. Please use the 90-degree cart rule when accessing your ball in the desert. (Drive to your ball and then straight back to the cart path).

  • Where reasonably possible while still allowing appropriate handicap access Carts should stay at least 10 feet away from tees and greens and should remain on the cart path side of all greens. In the winter months we ask that you drive your cart in the over seeded (green grass) areas rather than the dormant Bermuda grass areas as to reduce wear on the dormant grass when reasonably possible. We ask that you not drive between the bunkers and the greens for safety purposes.
  • We will reserve a handicap accessible spot on the left side of the driving range at Eagle’s Nest and at the North end of the range at Tuscany Falls on the West side of the Range Tee. You may drive your cart on the side of the Range Tee if necessary.
  • The golf course superintendent reserves the right to close fairways and roughs to all access under adverse weather conditions and specific agronomic conditions (overseed, flooding, etc.) in which golf cart usage would damage the golf course.

  • Non-resident access will be granted on a case-by-case basis. Proof of qualification must be shown. Flags will be given for daily use and must be returned to the golf shop after the round.

PCHOA Golf Cart Specifications Policy

Purpose: Golf cart specifications are intended to help protect the conditions of the golf courses and to provide for convenience of resident golfers. Always confirm with the Director of Golf whether a cart you plan to purchase conforms to these specifications.

Required: All carts that will be operated on the golf courses are expected to be registered with HOA at the Eagle’s Nest front desk. Any golf cart must be in good working order and free from defects that may cause injury or damage. PebbleCreek Golf staff may inspect the cart if they suspect non-compliance.

PebbleCreek Standard Golf Cart: Approval for use on PebbleCreek golf courses anticipates a special kind of cart. This is not a particular brand of golf cart but rather a style of golf cart.

A PebbleCreek Standard Golf Cart has the following attributes and carts that do not meet these specifications may not be used on PebbleCreek golf courses.

  • The cart is designed to accommodate a maximum of 2 golfers and their clubs

  • The cart has tire width between 8” and 12”. The tread of the tires is designed for use on turf-like conditions, knobby or specialty off-road-type tires and tires more than 18” in height are not allowed.

  • Cart maximum dimensions include: Height of 72”, Width of 50”, Length of 100”

  • Gas-powered carts must be muffled to not be disruptive to other golfers or nearby residences.

  • Golf carts, as used here, include 2- and 3-wheeled scooters/bicycles and tricycles. Width of the tire tread can be an issue on any 2- or 3-wheeled scooter/bicycle or tricycle and approval is required from the Director of Golf.

Owners of carts that do not meet all of these requirements may request an exemption from the Director of Golf

Updated:  January 25, 2024