Thinking of renting your home? Some helpful tips to know

For many in PebbleCreek, living here year-round is the way of life and for others, long travel or months in another city are the norm. For those folks, renting or leasing their home is something that just may be a great idea.  Here is a simple checklist for residents considering renting or leasing their PebbleCreek property:

  • All rentals must be one continuous month or longer in length.

  • You must register your renters with the Eagle’s Nest Resident and Guest Services prior to them moving into your home.  A $25 administrative fee must accompany the PebbleCreek Rental Policy form. 

  • If a Homeowner owns only one property in PebbleCreek, they must relinquish their Homeowner card(s) during the period of the rental.  The renter cannot use the Homeowner(s) card(s) but rather is given a yellow renter ID card that allows them to use the facilities.

  • All renters must provide acceptable evidence of age to both the homeowner and the HOA.  PebbleCreek is an age-restricted community and at least one of the renters must be 40+.  No children under the age of 19 are allowed to reside in PebbleCreek.  

  • Homeowners must provide a copy of the Association Rules to the renter/lessee and the renter/lessee must agree to follow them.

  • Homeowner dues must be paid in full before amenity usage can be transferred to the renter.

  • A rental/lease includes all structures on a lot. Casitas and houses shall not be rented separately, and casitas shall not be rented when the homeowner occupies the main house.

  • Renters are approved to use PebbleCreek amenities, but are not considered Association members.

  • Vehicles of all renters/lessees are to be registered with the PCHOA and kept in garages.

  • The homeowner’s annual assessments are based on two (2) per homesite. If additional renters over two (2) are residing in the home, additional assessments must be paid for any additional persons as outlined in Article VII, Section 3(b) of the CC&Rs and Section 3.2(c) of the Association Rules.

  • All guests of Renter(s) must comply with all HOA guidelines for guests.

  • Failure of homeowners to register their renters and agreements are subject to fines as outlined in Section 3.4 of the Association Rules.

  • Failure of renters to follow the Association Rules are subject to fines as outlined in Section 6.3 of the Association Rules.

Rules and Reminders for renters and guests

PebbleCreek welcomes renters and guests to experience and enjoy our golf resort lifestyle. We trust that the homeowner made our Rules and Reminders available in the home (see below for special areas of interest.)  They are also available at the Front Desks in the Clubhouses.   

Renters are entitled to the same use of the amenities as the homeowner, if the homeowner is in good standing.  Long-term renters with a lease of one year or more are entitled to full access to the HOA website.  Once you have registered at one of the Resident and Guest Services desks, you will have a Member number which can be used to log in to the website.

The following is a quick summary of the HOA Rules that may be pertinent to your stay:

General Information

  • Cash and credit cards are accepted in the clubhouses for the purchase of food, beverages, and PebbleCreek merchandise.

  • Vehicles may not be parked on a driveway or street between midnight and 6 a.m.  If a vehicle must be parked in the driveway, be sure to get the necessary permits from Patrol.

  • Only those with a valid driver’s license are permitted to drive golf carts anywhere on property.

  • Golf carts are not to be driven on common area sidewalks or on the golf course if you are not playing golf.

  • Golf carts should keep to the right when driving the roads within PebbleCreek.  Drivers should be mindful of other vehicles and allow them to pass.


  • Pets are not allowed on the golf course, on the erosion control corridors, in the pool areas or in any facility building or patio.

  • Pets must be on leashes at all times when outside of your yard and pet owners must always clean up after the pet when walking in the community.

  • Pet waste should not be discarded in golf course trash cans or in household trash cans belonging to other residents. 

  • If your pet is left alone in your home, make certain the necessary steps are taken to keep the dog from barking and disturbing neighbors during any absence.

Fitness Center

All Renter(s) must comply with all HOA guidelines and policies.  Long-term renters with a lease of one or more years are entitled to the 30-visit complimentary annual guest pass.

More information on the fitness facilities can be found here.

Swimming Pools

  • Pool hours can be found here.
  • Children under 18 years old are not permitted to use the indoor pool at Tuscany Falls, the lap pool at Eagle’s Nest or the spas.

  • Children’s Hours at the main pools:

    • Children aged 8 years through 17 years must be accompanied by an adult, and must swim only where and when permitted as explained here.

    • Children aged 2 years through 7 years may also use the main pools during the hours noted above during the following periods:  The last two weeks of March and the seven (7) days before through seven (7) days after Thanksgiving and Christmas.   

    • Children must be toilet trained to use the main pools.  Diapers of any sort are not allowed in the main pools

  • Rowdiness, diving, running, or jumping into the pool is dangerous and is not permitted.  Ball tossing, Frisbees, etc., are not allowed in the main pools.  Limited use of small kiddy pool toys are allowed in the children’s pool.  

  • Fun noodles:  Two “fun noodles” or one “fun noodle” with nylon webbing for seating per person are permitted but cannot be configured or utilized in such a way as to create a raft for horizontal lounging.  One set of “water wings” per person and arm flotation bands for small children are permitted.

  • Glass, Food and Beverages:  Glass containers are not permitted in the pool or spa areas.  Food items and non-alcoholic beverages may be brought into the pool area, provided they fit in a small 6-pack sized cooler.  Food must be consumed while on the pool deck, and is not allowed in the pool water.  Beverages in plastic containers with lids may be consumed while in the pool water.

  • Children's Pool at Tuscany Falls:  Available to children 2 years to 7 yrs.  If child is still in diapers, waterproof swim pants are required.  Children must be accompanied by an adult, with one adult accompanying no more than 3 children.

Golf, Golf Carts, and Golf Courses

  • Proper attire is required on both the golf courses and the driving ranges. See page 7 of the PebbleCreek Source Book for specific information.

  • Golfers must be 16 years of age to play golf.

  • Guests are not permitted to use the automated system to request tee times.

  • When driving carts to and from the pro shops following a round of golf, golfers should use the roadways and not the cart paths.  Exception:  driving to a specific hole at the beginning of a shotgun tournament.

  • Golfers are not permitted to enter the yard of any PebbleCreek resident to retrieve a ball.  If the homeowner is outside and allows the golfer to retrieve the ball after being asked, the golfer can do so.

  • Do not drive the cart on the course on par 3s; refrain from talking while another golfer is hitting; keep pace with the group ahead, etc.

Director of Administration: Jenn Schell

Office: 623-935-6787 
Office location: Activities Complex, Room 101

Eagle's Nest Address:   3645 Clubhouse Drive, Goodyear, AZ  85395
Tuscany Falls Address:  16222 Clubhouse Drive, Goodyear, AZ  85395