Resident and Guest Services

PebbleCreek’s Resident and Guest Services Department processes a variety of requests from homeowners and their guests – all at the front desk in the lobby of each clubhouse. Remember to bring your homeowners ID card with you to the front desk, whenever requesting services. RGS services include:



All vehicles maintained at PC by residents must be registered. Two types of windshield stickers enable smooth entry for residents' motorized vehicles, including golf carts, into PC’s gated community. The first, a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) sticker, automatically lifts the gate, as your vehicle approaches, allowing you quick entry. If you choose not to have an RFID placed on your vehicle, you will be required to obtain the second type of windshield sticker: a blue, square ID sticker, which tells the guards at a glance that your vehicle has approved access.  

Handicap Stickers

Handicap stickers are only for golf carts used within PC. They can be obtained only at the Eagle's Nest RGS front desk.

Guest Passes

A white Guest Card, which is required as an ID for each guest of the age of 18 and over, can be obtained from the Eagle's Nest or Tuscany Falls RGS front desk.

Renter Registration

For many in PebbleCreek, living here year-round is the way of life and for others, long travel or months in another city are the norm. For those folks, renting or leasing their home is something that just may be a great idea.  Click here to learn more about renting or leasing your PebbleCreek property, including requirements for owners and guidelines for renters.

Lost and Found

If you have lost or found an article in PebbleCreek, please check with the RGS desks in both clubhouses.

If you have purchased a new home

If you’re a new homeowner, your first stop is to register with Resident and Guest Services (RGS) staff, at either the Eagle’s Nest or Tuscany Falls front desk.  If you would like to speed up the registration process, fill out and submit this form before coming to the front desk. Then, bring your completed closing papers from the title company with you to complete the process. You may contact the RGS office at 623-935-6780.   

If you are already a PebbleCreek homeowner and are purchasing another home (new or resale), whether you are planning to reside in the new home or rent it, you must come into RGS, either Eagle's Nest or Tuscany Falls, to register the new homeowner of that new property. If you are not in PebbleCreek at the time of closing, the information can be faxed to the number at Eagle's Nest RGS listed below.

  • On a new-construction home, the Sales Office will include an index card, detailing the names on the deed and the correct address. 

  • On a re-sale, this information is found on the top page of the homeowner’s closing papers (the HUD statement). 

  • If the new homeowner is not in PebbleCreek at the time of closing, that information can be emailed to the Eagle's Nest RGS desk at

Hours of Operation

Eagle's Nest   623-935-6780

Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Saturday* and Sunday: Closed

*Saturday: White guest cards available at TF Fitness Center

Tuscany Falls   623-935-6720

Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Closed for lunch daily from noon – 1p.m.
Closed on Saturday* and Sunday.

*Saturday: White guest cards available at TF Fitness Center

Director of Administration: Jenn Schell

Office: 623-935-6787 
Office location: Activities Complex, Room 101

Eagle's Nest Address:   3645 Clubhouse Drive, Goodyear, AZ  85395
Tuscany Falls Address:  16222 Clubhouse Drive, Goodyear, AZ  85395