Ticket Sales

The 330-seat Renaissance Theater in Tuscany Falls Clubhouse hosts memorable performances by touring professionals, as well as by talented homeowners.  Ticket sales for the various entertaining performances scheduled at PebbleCreek are handled in several ways, depending on who is responsible for the production:  PC staff or PC clubs. 

The Tuscany Falls Clubhouse is located at 16222 Clubhouse Drive, Goodyear, AZ  85395.

For outside performers:
When Activities Office staff books professional musicians, singers,dancers, comedians, and other entertainers from outside PebbleCreek to bring touring shows to PC’s Renaissance Theater throughout the year, homeowners may purchase tickets: 

  • In person at the Activities Office during business hours or 

  • Online, by logging into the HOA website and going to Member Center >> Event Tickets.  After completing their online orders, patrons pick up their tickets at the Activities Office or at the venue.

Artists Series season tickets are ordered months in advance through Activities Office staff. Each year’s season package of external, professional performers presents two different shows per month from January through March. At the March productions, season-ticket holders are handed schedules and forms as they leave the theater to renew their season tickets for the following year. March is also the month when new patrons may submit their season application forms to the Activities Office. During the summer, Activities Office staff assign seats for the coming season, giving first priority to returning season patrons. In October, tickets are issued for the coming season’s series. After Jan.1, any unfilled seats are sold as single-performance tickets.

See information about upcoming Activities Office events

For homeowner performers:
When PC performing arts clubs present a performance featuring their volunteer members, tickets for these productions usually go on sale about a month prior to opening night. Tickets may be purchased online using a credit card (VISA or MasterCard) or in person at the Renaissance Theater on the first day of sales or at the Eagle’s Nest kiosk according to the club’s pre-announced schedule.  In-person purchases may be paid for with cash, check or credit card (VISA or MasterCard).  

To purchase tickets online, click on the link for the specific club once online ticket sales open.

PebbleCreek Players Community Theater
Murdered to Death
By Peter Gordon
March 8 - 11, 2023
Tickets go on sale Feb. 4 at 8 a.m.  Buy Tickets
For more information about PebbleCreek  Players Community Theater:  PC Players  
ShowTime Productions
November 13 - 18, 2023

Tickets on sale mid-October.

PebbleCreek Singers 
Spring Back in Time  
April 27 - 29 - 7 p.m., Renaissance Theater
Tickets on sale March 27 at 8 a.m.  Buy Tickets
All seats are $16.50 (includes handling fee)
For more information about the PebbleCreek Singers, click here.

PebbleCreek Musicians

Burst of Music XVI
March 16-18, 2023, Renaissance Theater
Ticket sales begin Feb. 17 at 8 a.m.   Buy Tickets
For show information:    PC Musicians

For non-performance events
When other clubs or groups open their events (such as dinner dances, state parties, and speakers) to all homeowners, the sponsoring clubs handle their ticket sales themselves. They often promote their events on this site as well as using articles in the PebbleCreek Post.

The seating plan for the Renaissance Theater, located at the southwest end of Tuscany Falls Clubhouse, accommodates 330 spectators in 13 rows of up to 28 seats per row. The plan includes seven designated spaces for wheelchairs, and exterior entry/exit ramps for disabled patrons on both sides of the theater building. 

PebbleCreek’s hearing-assist program is designed to improve the listening experience of hearing-aid users and others who have limited loss of hearing.

The PCHOA has installed wireless, FM, sound-signal transmitters in the Renaissance Theater (as well as in PebbleCreek’s three largest gathering spaces: TF Ballroom, TF Chianti Room, and Eagle’s Nest Ballroom.) Users of appropriate hearing-assist receivers and headphones are able to receive a sound signal wirelessly and control their own volume for enhanced sound clarity. The hearing-assist signal is transmitted anytime the house sound system is used in the indicated rooms, and for most outside entertainment performed in the theater.  

Individuals need to purchase their own hearing-assist receiver/headphones, ensuring their access every time they desire to enhance their listening. ABBN (www.abbn.com) in Scottsdale is familiar with PebbleCreek and sells two of the models that work with our system -- the HED-021 and the PPA-R37N.  ABBN can be reached through their website or by phone at 888-556-3887.