WELCOME TO PebbleCreek Golf Resort HOA

The Active Lifestyle at PebbleCreek

An observation shared by many homeowners, new to PebbleCreek, is that so many fun, interesting, challenging activities await, it can be daunting to choose what to try first! From applauding entertaining shows, to painting acrylics and glazing ceramics, to exercising and playing sports, to joining community service and social clubs -- the choices seem limitless. Here’s where you can explore how to get involved. 

Connecting with others who share similar interests often leads to friendships

Activities Office staff plan a variety of social, cultural, entertainment, and travel events for homeowners. Many events require purchasing tickets in advance. They’re also the folks to see about reserving meeting rooms, bulletin-board space, and movies on DVD. Plus they can point you to local and regional sights beyond PebbleCreek. 
The Creative Arts Center, a hub for artistic pursuits, offers homeowners instruction in its specially-equipped classrooms, camaraderie with fellow artisans in clubs, and a consignment shop and gallery in which to display their creations. 

Two libraries, maintained by volunteers and stocked using materials donated by homeowners, allow you to borrow books to read at home or while relaxing in an overstuffed leather chair by each library’s fireplace. Videos, audio tapes, and jigsaw puzzles are also available. 

Two fitness centers and swimming pools provide resort-style facilities for work-outs, as well as for recreation and socializing. Well-equipped weight and exercise rooms, spa services, and luxurious locker rooms beckon.  

Clubs abound in PebbleCreek -- 80 have met the HOA’s club standards. Members form groups to share their love of games, creative and performing arts, community service, sports, hobbies, and other pursuits – including just having fun socializing.  

LifeLong Learning is a club that offers mind-stimulating, educational experiences to all PC homeowners. Programs include regularly scheduled lectures, classes, and trips that explore a wide variety of topics and interests. 

An online events calendar enables you to see at a glance what’s on tap in the community by the day, week, or month.