PebbleCreek Libraries

Two libraries provide a convenient spot for homeowners to borrow books and jigsaw puzzles, without charge, and without leaving PebbleCreek. The library in each clubhouse (Tuscany Falls and Eagle’s Nest) is located just off each building’s entryway.

Homeowners donate all the books, which volunteer residents manage. The volunteers organize, sort, label, and shelve the books daily.

No formal check-out procedure exists. Instead, using an honor system, you simply borrow items to take home to enjoy. Then return items -- in a timely manner -- by placing them in the library drop box (at Tuscany Falls) or on the designated table (at Eagles Nest). Please do not place books back on the shelves.

Recent issues of magazines are also available for you to read, in the library, while nestling in the comfy leather furniture arranged by each library's cozy fireplace. 

Both clubhouses have wireless Internet access, or Wi-Fi, which homeowners are welcome to use in library areas.


The Eagle's Nest Library features a cozy fireplace, plus books, magazines, puzzles, and games.


Visitors at the Tuscany Falls Library may curl up in a leather easy chair, by the fireplace, book in hand.

Library guidelines help all homeowners enjoy this benefit fully:

  • Please limit your choices to four books at a time. Do not remove all of one author, intending to read them "in order," which keeps others from accessing them. 

  • Return books in a timely manner and to the appropriate library. If you borrow more than one book, try to return each after you’ve read it, to allow others to enjoy it.

  • Return hardbound books with their original paper dust covers. If you remove the cover for reading, please place it back on the book before returning it to the library. The information found on the dust covers is invaluable to others searching for materials that interest them.

  • Do not pass books on to others outside the PC community. These materials are for the use of PC residents only.

  • Do not take a number of library books with you -- or keep them stored in your home -- when you leave for the summer or other extended periods. Many residents live in PC year round and would like the opportunity to continue using well-stocked libraries.

  • Although books in the libraries come from donations, do not take books with the intent of placing them in your personal library. Materials are donated with the understanding that they will continue to be available to all PC residents.

  • The library areas are not for meetings or playing games. A sign, posted in each library, reminds homeowners to respect others’ desire for quiet. 

To donate materials, deliver them to the same places as returned books, so that volunteers may label, sort, and shelve the newly donated items. If you have a large quantity of books to donate, you may call to have the librarians pick up your donation, which expedites later shelving the items.

The librarians do not accept or keep damaged or older books, due to space limitations. Acceptable publishing dates are posted on signs in the libraries. They dispose of any donated materials that do not meet the guidelines. 

The librarians also accept jigsaw puzzles, for use on loan at home, as well as for use in the library.