Sport Courts

Sport courts, which are open to all homeowners, registered guests and renters, attract many active enthusiasts. Some participate through club-sponsored programs for competitive and social play, and others come to the courts as individuals, just looking for some recreational fun. 

Most facilities have specific open times and/or areas set aside for non-league use. Due to the facilities’ popularity and various league events, however, court reservations are recommended. Players who have reservations take precedence over impromptu, walk-on users. Each sport’s approved club coordinates the scheduling of that sport’s facilities, under the supervision of the Director of Community Activities. Here’s a sport-by-sport summary: 

Bocce Ball 

Location: Eagle’s Nest, at  3645 N. Clubhouse Drive, directly northwest of EN Clubhouse, has eight lighted, state of the art bocce courts. Sunrise Park, at 14800 Robson Circle South, at Earll Drive on Eagle’s Nest side, has four courts.

Reservation process: PebbleCreek Bocce Ball Association’s leagues play at EN courts from September to mid-May on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Wednesday and Friday mornings.  At other times, homeowners and visitors may reserve bocce courts for up to 90 minutes. To reserve EN courts, write in the sign-up calendar in the EN Sports Complex building, next to the bocce courts. To reserve Sunrise Park courts, write in the sign-up calendar in the ladies restroom of Sunrise Park Pavilion. 

Responsible club: Bocce Ball Association 


Location: Sunrise Park, at 14800 Robson Circle South, at Earll Drive on EN side, has four courts, with restrooms and a pavilion.

Reservation process: No reservations. Courts available on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Responsible club: Not applicable


Location: Tuscany Falls sports complex, at 16280 W. Clubhouse Dr., has 20 Plexicushion hard courts, with a covered spectator area and a covered ramada. 

Reservation process:  Pickleball courts may be reserved seven days in advance, with some seasonal variations, using an online reservation system. Pickleball Club members log on to the club’s website and select Reserve a Court under the Club menu. Non-members send an email to including a name, address, phone number, and a request for court-reservation access; a return email will provide them instructions. The court schedule, including the club’s league play time, is viewable at an online monitor outside Court 4. 

Any resident may use an empty court that is not reserved without registering through the Club by coming to the courts. If a court is not occupied by the person who reserved it by 10 minutes past the hour, it may be used by anyone who then claims it. 

For more information on reservations, consult the detailed Pickleball Reservations Instructions.

Pickleball paddles may be rented at the TF Fitness Center for $5 per day.

Responsible club: Pickleball Club 


Location:  E. J. Robson Field, on TF side, at 2665 156th Ave., on the south side of West Roanoke Ave., has one grass field, with covered spectator bleachers, a storage building and a restroom building.

Reservation process: League play each year runs from mid-October to early April, involving use of the field for games, practices and maintenance every day, except Sunday. To learn when the field is available on a first-come, first-served basis, view a game schedule on the softball club’s website or contact a board member of the softball association.  

Responsible club: PebbleCreek Senior Softball Association 


Location: TF sports complex, at 16150 W. Clubhouse Dr., on the west side of PebbleCreek Parkway at Sarival Avenue, has seven lighted, Plexicushion hard courts. EN sports complex, at 3639 N. Clubhouse Dr., directly northwest of EN Clubhouse, has six lighted Plexicushion hard courts.   

Reservation process: Tennis courts may be reserved one week in advance starting at noon by visiting the club’s website and selecting court reservations from the menu on the left.  Resident non-members may send an email to including your name, address, phone number, and a request for court reservation access, and a return Email will provide instructions.

Tennis racquets are available for rent at the TF Fitness Center for $5 per day.  

Responsible club: PebbleCreek Tennis Club 

Basketball Practice Court

Location:  EN sports complex, at 3639 N. Clubhouse Dr., behind tennis court #1. The basketball practice court has a Plexicushion surface.
Reservation process: Available on a first come, first served basis.
Responsible Club: Not applicable