Home Resale/Refinance Information

If you are in the process of selling or refinancing your home in PebbleCreek, please read through the following information to help understand the HOA requirements to ensure that any liens related to your property are correctly released before closing. If you own a villa, you will need to get an HOA demand from the Master HOA, as discussed here, as well as one through the Villas management company.

In order to sell or refinance your home, your title company and/or mortgage lender will need documentation from the HOA confirming any unpaid balances and/or violations connected to your property. In most cases the title company requests this directly from the HOA after the contract is signed. It is not necessary to contact the HOA to start this process unless it is requested by your mortgage or title company.

The HOA has setup the following website to initiate all HOA resale/refinance requests:

There are fees related to these requests:

  • Resale (Processed within 10 days):
    • Disclosure Fee - $50 (Generally paid by the Seller)
    • Administrative Fee - $350 (Generally paid by the Buyer)
    • Total Document Fees - $400.00
    • If you need the demand faster than 10 days, there is a 72-Hour Rush option available for an additional $100
    • Community Enhancement Fee – Equal to the annual dues rate for the current year (this is a onetime fee generally paid by the buyer that was voted on by the homeowners in 2019. All funds collected are being held in a separate account for future enhancements to the community.)  The current Community Enhancement Fee is $3,088.  
    • For Villas Unit 49A, there are the following additional resale fees:
      • Admin Fee $350
      • Disclosure Fee $50
  • Refinance
    • Disclosure Fee - $200

Frequently asked questions when Buying/Selling a home in PebbleCreek:

Q:  What is the full, legal name of the PebbleCreek Community?

A:  PebbleCreek Golf Resort Homeowners Association No. 1

Q: How often are the Dues billed?

A: Semi-Annually on Jan. 2 and July 1

Q:  How much are the current Dues Assessments?

A:  $1,544 semi-annually, due on February 1 and August 1 with a 15-day grace period.

Q: I am refinancing and need a statement/account history and insurance certificate, how do I get this?

A1: If they only need a statement you can send your last statement showing the dues amounts OR
A: Have your Lender or Title Company order a Refinance package on robson.condocerts.com

Q: (Seller) I overpaid at my closing, will I get a refund if I sent in a payment to Robson AND paid again at title?

A: Yes, any overpayments (example: Member Card balances) will be refunded. It may take 30-45 days to receive all of the documents from the Title Company and process a refund check. Please ensure we have an updated address on file for you.

Q: (Seller) Will I get a refund of any dues I paid in advance?

A: Yes, you are only responsible for dues through the day you sell your home. Dues are prorated based on the close date and will reflect on Seller/Buyer closing statements prepared by the title company. If any additional payments were made before closing that were not included at closing, the HOA will refund any excess funds back to the Seller.

Q: If I already own a home in the Community and I am buying an existing resale, does the Community Enhancement Fee get waived?

A: No, the Fee does not get waived. It is due at closing regardless of whether you have a home already in the community. If you Buy and Sell within the community, within 18 months, you are eligible for a refund of the Fee. After both homes close, please submit documentation to HOADues@robson.com and request a reimbursement for the fee paid at closing.

Q: (Buyer) After I close on my new home, where do I go from there?

A: You can take your Deed to the front desk in the clubhouse and they can activate your HOA Member Account for your household. This may include the gate fobs, etc.  They will also give you a Welcome Packet and answer all of your community questions.

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