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Uniformed Guest Relations staff members greet guests and homeowners driving through PC's guard gates.
PebbleCreek’s Guest Relations Department greets all residents, guests, and vendors who drive through the two main entry gates. Its mission is to ensure friendly, courteous, speedy drive-throughs that avoid delays and wait lines.

Guest Relations staff members, wearing red shirts and khaki pants, work the gates daily from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. During those hours, if you have questions about guest entry or other issues involving the guard gates, contact GR staff at 623-935-0387.

Radio Frequency Identification tags allow automated entry through the PC entrance gates. The Patrol installs approved RFID tags on the windshields of residents’ automobiles, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and golf carts – after homeowners have completed a tag-application process with Resident & Guest Services.

Guest Relations Manager:  Diana Shull
Cell: 480-352-3194

Email: diana.shull@robson.com 

Office location:  Room 101 Eagle’s Nest Activities Center
                                       (at the northeast corner of Robson Circle and Clubhouse Drive)


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