2/16/2019 - Artist Series - Dan Bennett
Location: Renaissance Theater, Tuscany Falls Clubhouse
Two shows - 4 p.m. and 7 p.m.

Artist Series - Dan Bennett, Comedy and Unique Manipulation of Everyday Objects - Feb. 16

What happens when a hilarious professor of mathematics performs a show with object lessons and world class juggling? You get non-stop laughter, 'infotainment' and true amazement. Right from the start, he engages the audience with fast paced stand-up, clean comedy and mesmerizing physical feats. The result is a highly entertaining and educational treat. Making the common uncommon is one of Dan's signature routines. While learning to juggle at the ripe old age of eight, it wasn't until college that he discovered his propensity for comedy. After earning his Bachelor and Master degrees in mathematics and combining that knowledge with his love for comedy and talent for juggling, a show was born. There was no turning back once he discovered how fun it was to entertain with math, physics and economics. Intellectual joke telling evolves into scientific bravado which in turn utilizes the visual aids of juggling, balancing and prop manipulation.

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