1/27/2018 - Pub Quiz Nite
Time: 5:00 PM
Location: Eagle's Nest Ballroom
It's that time again as the seasonal Pub Quiz Nites return to PebbleCreek in December. This season, to accommodate the ever-growing crowds of team trivia fanatics, the Pub Nites will be held in the Eagle's Nest Ballroom. Much will remain the same, while some things will change.

A total of eight sessions will be held on select Saturdays from December through April. The first Pub Nite will be Dec. 16. Scroll down to see the full calendar of dates. Each night the buffet will open at 5 p.m., with the Trivia Games starting at 6 p.m.. (Please note there is only one Pub Nite in February, though three in January, to accommodate the quizmaster's anticipated vacation plans.)

Tickets will remain at $18 (includes buffet dinner, tax, tip, and quiz fee). There will be no discounted 'salad only' option this season. Each dinner will include assorted salads along with the main meal entre and vegetable -- and of course the traditional cookie for dessert. The buffet dinners will rotate in the following order: Chicken buffet, Italian buffet, Mexican buffet and Barbeque buffet, and then repeat for the final four sessions. Persons requiring 'Gluten Free' or Vegetarian meals need to identify this at the time the ticket is purchased.

Tickets for the first Pub Nite will go on sale at the Eagle's Nest Activities Office on Tuesday, Dec. 5, at 8 a.m. You may sign up and pay for an entire team of eight people or as a single, pair, etc., in which case we will match you to a table. Payment must be cash or check payable to 'PCHOA.' If buying multiple tickets, please have the names of all persons for whom you are buying tickets. Throughout the season, tickets to 'the next Pub Nite' will be sold at the EN Activities Office, starting the Monday morning following each quiz nite. Hence, tickets for Pub Nite #2 on Jan. 13, will go on sale Monday, Dec. 18.

This year we are offering a 'one-day only sale' for season tickets to those individuals or teams interested in securing their table for all eight sessions. This one-day sale will take place on Monday, Dec. 4, at 8 a.m. in room 108 in the Activities Center (the old computer classroom across from the Activities Office). Total cost for the entire season, per person, is $144. For the team of eight, total cost is $1,152. We will accept only check payment for the season tickets. If things hold true for past years, approximately 20 teams attend all eight sessions. Accordingly, after this 'one-day only sale' we anticipate having ample tickets available for purchase to individual sessions throughout the season.

Never been to a Pub Quiz Nite? Here's what you can expect:

     -- In the funny papers, Who is Dagwood Bumstead's boss?
     -- Name any of the grandchildren in the Beatles song, 'When I'm 64'
     -- What branch of the military service used this 1970's slogan, 'It's not a job. It's an adventure?'

Prizes (the best that $2 will buy) are awarded each nite to the winning team after each of the four rounds. And, the money round will be back as well.

Come join the Pub Nite craze. It's an evening out where you don't need to cook, where you can meet new people, and where you can have fun. This event usually sells out each week, so secure your ticket early and join the fun.

Oh yes ... the answers (in case you need them) ... Julius Dithers, Vera/Chuck/Dave, and the US Navy.

Pub Quiz Nites Schedule

Dec. 16
Jan. 13
Jan. 20
Jan. 27
Feb. 10
Mar. 10
Mar. 24
Apr. 7

Source: Melissa Kallett, Director of Recreation and Quizmaster
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